Xilinx unified software platform Vitis is officially open for download

November 12, 2019, Beijing, China-Xilinx, Inc. ((NASDAQ:XLNX)), a global leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, today announced that its latest Vitis™ unified software platform is compatible with The optimized open source library is officially open for free download now. Through Vitis, developers from software engineers to AI scientists can use their proficient software tools and frameworks to benefit from Xilinx’s flexible adaptive hardware advantages.

With the Vitis platform, software developers can use Xilinx adaptive hardware to accelerate their applications without the need for hardware expertise. The Vitis platform does not mandate the use of a proprietary development environment, but can be inserted into general software development tools, and can make full use of the rich open source libraries optimized for Xilinx hardware. Xilinx also opened a developer website, which allows developers to easily obtain examples, tutorials, and documentation, and can also enter the Vitis developer community for communication. The Xilinx Developer Site is jointly managed by Xilinx Vitis experts and fans, and provides valuable information such as the latest Vitis updates, tips and tricks.