What should be paid attention to in the processing operation of CNC bench drilling machine

What should be paid attention to in the processing operation of CNC bench drilling machine

CNC bench drilling lathe is a relatively small mechanical equipment. It can generally be operated in the hole, is small in size and easy to operate, and is usually installed in a dedicated table operation. The diameter of the drilling machine is usually less than 13mm, and usually no more than 25mm.

The displacement of the main shaft is usually achieved by changing the position of the trapezoidal belt on the pulley of the tower, which is manually operated. Safety operating procedures for bench drilling machines. So what should we pay attention to when operating. Can it be processed better?

1. You must wear a monkey before work, tie your cuffs, don’t wear a scarf, don’t wear gloves, girls must wear a hat.


2. Check equipment protection, insurance and signal devices. Mechanical transmission components and electrical components must have reliable protection devices. If the workpieces and accessories are in good condition, they are not allowed to start.


3. The flat drill floor is important, and the workpiece must be clamped. When drilling small parts, please use special tools to prevent the workpiece from rotating. It is not allowed to hold or press the hole with your hands.


4. Manual feeding is generally carried out in accordance with the principle of gradually increasing pressure and reducing pressure to avoid accidents caused by excessive force.


5. Adjust the drilling machine, stroke, clamping tool and workpiece speed, stop when drilling.


6. After the drilling machine is started, no contact with moving parts, tools and transmission parts is allowed. It is forbidden to transfer or carry tools and other items through the rotating parts of the machine.


7. When the drill bit is wrapped around the long chip, it should be stopped and cleaned. It is forbidden to blow or pull with the mouth. It must be removed with a brush or iron hook.


8. When two or more people work on the same machine tool, one person must be responsible for safety and unified command to avoid accidents.


9. If you find an abnormal situation, please stop immediately and ask the relevant personnel to check.


10. When the drilling machine is running, it is not allowed to give up work. Therefore, you must stop and cut off the power when you leave.


11. After finishing the work, close the main door of the machine, clean the machine tool and clean the workplace.


12. Check the usage of the rig’s components. Whether it needs to be replaced or repaired.


13. The drill bit and workpiece of the drilling machine must be fixed and tightened, and the workpiece cannot be mastered manually before normal work. Rotation of the drill bit can cause personal injury and equipment damage.


14. During operation of the concentrate, the rocker arm and carriage must be locked before normal operation. When loading and unloading the drill bit, do not hit it with a hammer or other objects of the tool, or use the shaft to hit the drill bit up and down. Use special keys and keys to load and unload. The chuck should not be clamped with a tapered stem.


15. The drilling plate must be filled with wood. When the drill bit is about to drill through the workpiece, slight pressure must be applied to avoid damage to the drill bit and cause an accident.


16. When the drill is running, do not clean the drill bit with cotton thread and a clean towel and iron filings. After get off work, when the drilling machine should be cleaned, the power supply is cut off, debris accumulates and the workplace is kept tidy, and the work is done carefully.