What optical devices are used in CNC precision parts processing

What optical devices are used in CNC precision parts processing

We know that the characteristics of CNC machining are precision machining. Many equipments now tend to be miniaturized, so many parts are becoming smaller and smaller. However, the precision requirements for machining must be very high. In the process of CNC precision parts processing In the process, we need to use some instruments to observe, to observe which parts of these precision parts need to be processed and adjusted again. With these instruments, our precision processing is much easier. Then we need the help of which instruments in CNC precision parts processing, let’s take a look at it together.


In CNC precision parts processing, optical mechanism geometric measurement micrometers can be basically divided into four categories according to reference tools: interferometers, self-collimating light-tube instruments, microscope instruments, and projection instruments.


In the machining of CNC precision mechanical parts, microscope-type instruments and projection-type instruments magnify the image of the measured part through the optical system, and use the optical indicating system object for measurement. How many times the magnification is used to measure, how many times the accuracy of the aiming measurement without magnification is improved.

In the processing of precision mechanical parts, the self-collimating light tube instrument is composed of a telescope and a collimator light tube, and the image obtained with the telescope is measured with the value indicating system of the collimating light tube. The magnification M (view) is the ratio of the telescope’s objective lens focal length F (object) to the eyepiece focal length F (eye): M (view) = F (object) / F (eye). It has nothing to do with the position of the object processed by the measured precision mechanical parts, so it expands the use of the instrument. The self-collimating light tube optical indicating system is a component of some optical instruments. For example, it can be combined with a tangent mechanism to form a micrometer mechanism optical comparator and a 0.2μm screen reading optical comparator, or it can be used alone.

In the processing of precision mechanical parts, the interferometer is a micrometer mechanism designed according to the principle of light wave interference, and the smallest micrometer mechanism is realized based on the wavelength of the light source. In particular, the emergence of laser light sources and the development of laser technology and electronic technology have expanded the application range of interference micrometer mechanisms for the processing of precision mechanical parts.