What is the HTC blockchain phone? What does the HTC blockchain phone look like?

Recently, HTC released the latest blockchain phone Exodus 1s, which is the successor to Exodus 1. It can double as a hardware ledger, and the new phone has other encryption techniques.

In terms of hardware, as a mobile phone in 2019, Exodus 1s has a mediocre performance. The phone is equipped with Snapdragon 435 chipset and 4GB RAM, uses a 5.7-inch 18:9 HD + Display, 64GB of storage space (with SD card slot), the phone still uses a microUSB port, there is a 3.5 mm Audio jack.

It is reported that the attraction of Exodus 1s is that it can run a complete Bitcoin node on a mobile phone, which means that the mobile phone can store the entire Bitcoin ledger in it, but at least 260GB of storage space is required because of the current Bitcoin ledger. There are about 260GB, and it is growing at a rate of about 60GB per year.

In 2018, HTC focused on blockchain mobile phones and launched the Exodus 1 mobile phone. Its biggest feature is its support for digital wallets, which sold for more than US$1,100 (0.15 Bitcoin) at the time. Now HTC has launched the Exodus 1s mobile phone, the price is as low as 244 US dollars, but users need to be equipped with a 400GB memory card in order to store the Bitcoin blockchain.