What are the specific advantages of CNC machining

What are the specific advantages of CNC machining

In the previous section, we have learned some of the structure and characteristics of CNC machining. In the previous article, we can clearly understand that CNC core machining is indeed a better choice for machining precision parts. From this point, we can see that the future development prospect of CNC machining is very favorable, because our future electronic equipment products will be close to and miniaturized. So choosing this kind of lathe processing is the best. Since CNC machining is so good, what are its specific advantages? Let us understand it all at once.


1. The product of the project adopts a self-developed high-utilization cutting device, which is processed by the method of directly clamping the material through the spindle, which improves the utilization rate of the material. A single lathe (150,000) can save the company more than 18,000 yuan a year.


At present, the conventional center-moving CNC instrument lathe is limited by the length of the Z-axis guide rail and the structure of the bracket. The material is clamped by the spindle, and the synchronous guide sleeve installed on the lathe bracket is connected to the turning tool for processing. Since precision parts are generally made of expensive materials, if the existing instrument lathe is used, due to the limitation of the guide sleeve (the synchronous guide sleeve itself has a length of about 70 mm), it will cause a waste of 140 mm of the material head, resulting in poor material utilization. High, causing great waste in the production process,


According to the serious waste of raw materials, this project redesigned the existing cutting device. Through the lengthening design of the spindle and spindle guide, and the improvement of the aperture of the CNC lathe bracket, it is suitable for synchronous guide bushing processing and removal of synchronous The guide sleeve, the material is directly clamped by the spindle, and the spindle chuck is directly processed by the two processing methods in which the lathe support and the turning tool are in contact with each other, so that the material head produced in production is shortened to about 50mm, which greatly improves the material utilization rate. Save a lot of resources,

For example: according to the specification of ordinary materials ¢ 122000mm/piece, the price: 40 yuan/piece, generally the core-shaped CNC lathe produced by other manufacturers produces a material head of about 140mm, while for our CNC core-shaped processing head, it is only About 50mm, 90mm material is used more. According to the processing of 30 pieces of material per lathe per day, 3090mm=2700mm of material can be saved. It can save about 1.5 yuan of materials every day, that is, about 50 yuan a day. A machine tool can save the company 18,000 yuan in production costs a year, which has significant economic and social benefits.


Second, the use of micro-precision cutting spindle with built-in synchronous motor drive system technology improves the dynamic performance of the spindle.

At the same time, this project uses a drive system with a built-in synchronous motor in the spindle, which is essentially different from the traditional spindle, and has the advantages of high speed, high precision, and high stability. It is suitable for processing slender shaft parts, automatic feeding, and large batch and multi-variety processing. The drive system shaft is hollow, the material can pass through the middle, and has a higher concentricity. Equipped with a pneumatic clamping device to prevent accidents caused by manual clamping, and the safety is higher. The drive system with a built-in synchronous motor in the spindle can make the spindle speed range from 0 to 8000 revolutions per minute, realizing precision heavy cutting processing. The micro-precision cutting spindle has a built-in synchronous motor drive system technology, which can significantly improve the dynamic performance and machining accuracy of the spindle.

3. Independently developed the automatic feeding system of the walking-type CNC instrument. The feeding mechanism and the travel switch are controlled by the CNC system, which greatly improves the automation of the equipment, greatly improves the production efficiency, and reduces the labor intensity.


The traditional feeding device is mechanical. One end of the thread is fixed on a weight, and the weight pulls the cotton thread through the runner and the other thread is fixed on the ejector rod to realize the feeding. After one material is processed, manual labor is required. Refueling. In this project, a numerical control automatic feeding device is connected with the control system of a center-moving numerical control instrument lathe, and the corresponding feeding program can be programmed into the system in the numerical control operating system to carry out automatic feeding and realize the automation of cutting processing. The electrical part of the feeding device of the centering CNC instrument lathe is connected with the control system of the centering CNC instrument lathe, and is equipped with a travel switch. When a piece of material is processed to the end, the corresponding device touches the travel switch and gives a signal to the control system. The system sends a command to the feeding device. The feeding device can pull the material head back and discharge. The discharge port is also equipped with a travel switch. When the head falls, it touches the travel switch and sends a command to the system, and the system sends a command to the feeding device to automatically replace the new material to continue processing, realizing the “one person, multiple machines” processing mode and saving human resources.