Vibration-resistant quartz crystals improve system performance

Fox’s FC3VR Leo quartz crystal series, available now from TTI Europe, is ideal for improving system performance in high-data communications designs that need signal lock and low data loss while working in active surroundings.

Vibrational forces applied to smart soldier devices during a defence mission can produce frequency shifts that degrade the phase noise performance of otherwise stable frequency control sources. However, the device is considerably less sensitive to acceleration than conventional quartz crystals. The low G-sensitivity crystal upholds superior frequency stability whilst enduring harsh acceleration events.

The vibration-resistant crystal blank can be employed in new or existing oscillator and TCXO designs to instantly improve dynamic performance and reliability without needing mechanical isolation. No other circuit substitutions are required.

Typical application fields include 5G cellular, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/BLE chipsets, NFC, portable communications and equipment, defence wearables, telemetry, imaging, base stations, DSL, Ethernet networking, test and measurement equipment, radar systems, smart agriculture, and industrial IoT.