The iPhone’s short battery life is expected to be solved next year, and will it be equipped with a 5000mAh battery next year?

According to foreign media reports, Apple is making every effort to solve the battery life of the iPhone 12. Due to the addition of support for 5G networks, this is also a change that must be done. It is mentioned in the report that the iPhone 12 series will use the Qualcomm X55 baseband. Even if they have optimized the power consumption of this 5G baseband together with Qualcomm, the higher power consumption still makes them have to make some adjustments, that is, directly Increase battery capacity.

When it comes to smartphones, you must mention the iPhone. It is said that God has three apples, one seduced Eve and brought about human reproduction; one smashed Newton and let Newton know gravity; and the last one was “bited” by Jobs and became the current iPhone . Although the price of Apple mobile phones is a bit expensive for us ordinary people, it has to be said that its performance and configuration are very good.

However, for the iPhone, one thing that many people are generally dissatisfied with is the battery life of the iPhone. Tell this little story:

One day in winter one day, some of our friends went out to play together, and several of them were using iPhones. If I remember correctly, they should be using iPhone 6s. However, a helpless thing happened. They took out their fully charged mobile phones, but the mobile phones were not used for a long time and they were turned off. Mainly because a few people don’t use their mobile phones much, and they are basically in a standby state.

Among them, there is a boy, he is more interesting, he said to several people: “You put your mobile phone in your arms and cover it, your mobile phone can recover a part of the power, the battery of Apple mobile phone is like this, it is very easy to shut down when the temperature is low. , so when I go out, I basically don’t bring my iPhone.”

This is not a joke, but my personal experience, no matter what you think, but I have to admit that the battery life of Apple’s mobile phones is really bad.

However, the latest reports from Korean media say that Apple is working hard to solve the battery life problem of the iPhone 12 series. In fact, this is also traceable. After all, in the upcoming 5G era, for 5G network support, the problem of mobile phone battery life must be solved. Apple will use a new battery protection on the upcoming 2020 iPhones, with a length of 50mm to 26mm and a thickness of 1.8mm to 1mm. Compared with the previous battery, the length and thickness have been reduced, and the volume has become smaller . According to rumors, the iPhone 12 uses a combination of MOSFETs and PCB boards, which no longer requires a component housing.

In fact, this technology is not only used by Apple, but also by Samsung. It is expected to use this technology on the Samsung S11, which is why there are rumors that Samsung will have a battery capacity of 5000 millimeters. Ann’s phone. And this also shows from the side that the battery capacity of Apple mobile phones will also increase.

For mobile phones, the smoothness of Apple mobile phones is indeed unmatched by many mobile phones in our country. However, Apple mobile phones themselves also have many problems, and our current mobile phones in China are getting better and better. Many mobile phones In terms of performance, it is not much worse than Apple.

Therefore, if the Apple mobile phone wants to continue to develop, in addition to improving its own performance and making new functions, it should also adjust the price. After all, the price of buying an apple can also buy another good mobile phone.

Of course, for Apple, it is up to them whether they can pay attention to these problems. And these views of mine are just my own views, don’t get too caught up in it. I still hope that both domestic and foreign mobile phones can develop better and better, so that it can be more convenient for users like us.

This is also a change that must be done due to the addition of support for 5G networks. It is mentioned in the report that the iPhone 12 series will use the Qualcomm X55 baseband. Even if they work with Qualcomm to optimize the power consumption of this 5G baseband, the higher power consumption still forces them to make some adjustments, that is, directly Increase battery capacity.

Apple will use a new battery protection circuit on the 2020 iPhone, with a further reduction in length (50 mm to 26 mm) and thickness (1.8 mm to 1 mm), that is, the volume is reduced by nearly 50%. It is said that the implementation method is MOSFET (Metal Half Field Effect Transistor) and PCB board are merged, no component housing is required anymore.

Similar technical solutions have been provided to Samsung by ITM, which is expected to be adopted by the S11, which may explain why the S11 Plus is rumored to have a large 5000mAh battery. This also confirms from the side that Apple will continue to increase the battery capacity for the iPhone 12.

According to the information disclosed by the industry chain, the iPhone 12 series will have at least 100 million units in stock next year. If you are not very confident, I believe that Cook, who is from the supply chain, will not do such a radical thing. Apple will launch a smaller 5.4-inch iPhone, an iPhone with a 6.1-inch screen, and an iPhone with a 6.7-inch screen. At 6.7 inches, it will be the largest size of any of Apple’s phone models.

For the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch versions, it will support Samsung’s Y-OCTA technology, which allows touchscreen circuits to be built directly on the OLED Panel without the need for a separate layer, enabling thinner Display panels and lower production costs.

As for the 6.1-inch version, Apple will continue to use LCD screen materials, which may be limited by the cost and production capacity of OLED screens. The memory of the iPhone 12 series will also be upgraded. Specifically, the iPhone 12 is equipped with 4GB of memory, while the iPhone 12 Pro series is all 6GB.

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