Spectrum Instruments 30th Anniversary, Winning with Quality, Service and Innovation

Hansdorf, Germany, December 6, 2019 – Spectrum Instruments is the world’s leading technology company engaged in the research and development of computer (PC-based) solutions. Since its establishment in December 1989, Spectrum Instruments has developed into a global enterprise. The company adopts a comprehensive modular design method to develop a full series of digitizers and generators, including PC cards (PCIe and PXIe) and stand-alone Ethernet devices (LXI). In the past three decades, Spectrum has received wide acclaim in the industry, and its products have also been widely used by industry leaders and top universities. The company is headquartered in Hansdorf, Germany, near Hamburg.

Spectrum Instruments 30th Anniversary, Winning with Quality, Service and Innovation

Gisela Hassler, General Manager of Spectrum Instruments, with 30 years

When the company was founded, the current general manager Gisela Hassler and partner Michael Janz customized printer control and acoustic products for a small number of customers. With the rise of the PC revolution in the late 1980s, Spectrum instruments determined the direction of future development. Gisela and Michael decided to equip the fast-developing PC with high-level test and measurement products. In 1991, the first ISA card (an 8-digit 50MS/s digitizer) came out. The computer can directly insert this card and turn it into a flexible data acquisition system through a digital oscilloscope. The product has achieved great success and will continue to be an important part of the Spectrum product line until today and even in the next 17 years.

Spectrum Instruments keeps pace with the development of PCs, and its products have evolved from ISA standards to PCI and PCIe standards. Because of this, Spectrum is able to use the latest interface functions to make the data transmission speed of the product faster and greatly enhance the automated test function. Under the leadership of Spectrum Technical Director Oliver Rovini, the company has also developed a modular design concept that allows multiple daughter boards to share a common base card design. This design concept and successful experience enabled Spectrum to finally design a number of products that are well received by the industry, significantly reducing product development time and improving reliability. Oliver Rovini said: “Modular design allows us to develop a variety of products in a short period of time. In addition, our customers can also find the most suitable products from a variety of products, thereby significantly reducing their costs.”

Today’s Spectrum instruments can provide customers with a full range of digitizers, arbitrary waveform generators (AWG), digital I/O cards and instruments with complete performance. These products are in line with the mainstream PCIe, PXIe and LXI standards. In addition, Spectrum Instruments has the broadest digitizer product portfolio in the industry, providing customers with choices of different performance levels. In the end, we will provide customers with the “best solution” by providing the speed, accuracy and channel that best meets customer needs. For example, the sampling interval of the Spectrum digitizer is between 5MS/s and 5GS/s, and the resolution is 8 to 16 bits. The excellent speed and accuracy enable Spectrum products to acquire and analyze almost all signals in the range from DC to GHz. In addition, the digitizer card also provides a single-channel to 8-channel and larger multi-channel system, which can easily connect 16 fully synchronized devices.

Spectrum Instruments 30th Anniversary, Winning with Quality, Service and Innovation

As good as the digitizer series products are Spectrum’s AWG series products, the speed grade ranges from 40MS/s to 1.25 GS/s. AWGs are equipped with 16-bit resolution, and the signals generated by them not only contain all the details but also have extremely high accuracy. Therefore, it has become a magic weapon for engineers and scientists to reconstruct or simulate real test signals.

In order to improve the product performance, Spectrum instruments also provide a complete software tool, so that the product can be more easily integrated into the PC environment. Spectrum’s products can receive programming in any language through the driver, or users only need to run the GUI that comes with the product.

Spectrum Instruments 30th Anniversary, Winning with Quality, Service and Innovation

Spectrum Instrument Headquarters, near Hamburg, Germany

Gisela Hassler said: “Our success stems from excellent product quality and service. At present, the world’s top leading companies and scientific research institutions have become loyal users of Spectrum and apply our products to sophisticated test systems. For example, more than 140 Spectrum digitizer cards are used in the protection system of the Large Hadron Collider of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The reliability of the product is very important, and this is also an important reason why customers choose us. In addition, under the Spectrum brand Products enjoy a 5-year warranty, and our outstanding hardware and software engineer team also provides customers with free software upgrades and technical support.”

Spectrum Instruments 30th Anniversary, Winning with Quality, Service and Innovation

More than 140 Spectrum digitizer cards are used in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Equipment Protection System

Spectrum Instruments 2020 Product Brochure

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding, Spectrum Instruments has specially produced a 44-page product catalog containing the company’s latest products and applications. You can contact global sales representatives or get www.spectrum-instrumentation.com through our website.