SMIC Equity Incentive: Liang Mengsong gets 20 million yuan in stocks

In May of this year, SMIC issued an announcement stating that the company’s board of directors plans to launch an equity incentive plan to issue 4.1 billion yuan worth of incentive stocks to 4,000 employees, with an average of 660,000 yuan per person. On July 20, the incentive plan was officially implemented, and the company’s Daniel Liang Mengsong was awarded 400,000 shares with a value of more than 20 million yuan.

SMIC stated that the company recently passed a proposal related to equity incentives and will grant 67,535,200 restricted stocks to 3,944 incentive objects at a grant price of 20 yuan per share. The purpose of the plan is to improve the company’s long-term incentive mechanism, attract and retain outstanding talents, and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.

Among them, the company’s chairman Zhou Zixue, vice chairman Jiang Shangyi, co-CEO Zhao Haijun, co-CEO Liang Mengsong, and board secretary Gao Yonggang were awarded 400,000 shares, and core staff Zhang Xin was awarded 320,000 shares. Based on the SMIC closing price of 51.08 yuan for the New Year yesterday, 400,000 shares were worth more than 20 million yuan.

Nowadays, many large companies have introduced equity incentive policies. In the past two months, many companies have adopted the same approach. On July 15, Tencent Holdings issued an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, granting 2,403,203 award shares to no less than 3,300 awardees, and each person can receive about 340,000 yuan.

On July 2, Lei Jun awarded 70 million incentive shares worth 1.57 billion yuan to 3,904 outstanding employees, each of which could receive 400,000 yuan. Subsequently, in the “Young Engineers Incentive Program”, Xiaomi distributed 16,042,000 shares to the first batch of about 700 outstanding young engineers, and each person could receive 515 thousand yuan.

In addition, Gree, Great Wall Motors, Changan Automobile, Kuaishou, China Unicom and many other companies have also launched equity incentive plans to give some qualified employees a large amount of money. The incentives of these big companies are really enviable to the hitters, who just start with hundreds of thousands of shots.

In today’s fierce social competition, all walks of life are beginning to “involve”, and the company is also working hard to retain outstanding talents. Compared with other bonuses, the advantage of equity incentives is that it binds the interests of employees and the company. As long as the company develops better, the stocks in employees’ hands are worth more, thereby mobilizing employees’ enthusiasm.

Although there are many outstanding graduates each year, all walks of life are still in a situation of talent vacancies. Therefore, the small partners still have to work hard to improve themselves, strive to enter such a large company, and obtain the qualifications for equity incentives.