Sealed and unsealed connector system for automotive applications

Makers of automotive and commercial vehicles are constantly challenged to offer more electronics in the same space accommodating faster assembly times to lessen production costs. The Molex MX150 Sealed Connector System, available now from TTI Europe, provides a reduced package size over traditional USCAR connectors and is intended for simple and secure assembly.

The sealed and unsealed connectors offer a pre-assembled TPA housing with 1.5mm low insertion force terminal system.

The unsealed connectors have an enlarged push surface with an ergonomic design. Options include up to four polarisation options by colour and custom clip slots.

The sealed connector conforms to USCAR-20 (FCLT)/USCAR-2 Rev 4/USCAR-21. V0 versions are available (UL1977 certified), plus 16, 12, 10, and 8-way connectors are also available.

The terminals are offered in tin, silver and gold options available for blade and receptacle matte seal and cable seal terminals. The current rating is up to 22A.

Typical applications are for automotive vehicles, commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and equipment, recreational vehicles, and for commercial construction equipment, marine equipment, recreational vehicles.