Partnership creates a fast track for IoT design

Partnership creates a fast track for IoT designA partnership between Solid State Supplies and TT Electronics offers a framework to accelerate IoT deployments via TT Electronics‘ Speed to Connect system. Speed to Connect is a framework, covering proof of concept to scalable products. It has been created to enable customers to collaborate to deploy IoT devices faster. It is described as an end-to-end framework of hardware, connectivity, infrastructure for IoT devices that can be used immediately and with minimal programming.

The framework includes Bluetooth devices that sense and measure temperature, humidity, lighting and movement to remotely detect problems or trigger automated processes. There is also the S-2Connect smart hub based on GNSS and LTE technology which can be used as an asset tracker, smart home gateway or industrial smart hub.

The drive for the framework is to deploy a product quickly from proof of concept to scalable production, via collaboration, with industry experts specialising in accelerating time to market.

TT Electronics’ sales director described Solid State Supplies as a “technically focused, demand creating distributor” with a “long history of success in IoT, whilst having the capability to help us reach new markets”. He added that the partnership is “another significant step . . .  to deliver IoT solutions that enable digitalisation and realise connectivity roadmaps for OEMs”.

Solid State Supplies’ IoT technology director, Scott A. Brenton added: “We guide customers through the IoT landscape step by step, resulting in the design and delivery of complete IoT solutions from sensor to cloud. As a franchised distributor . . .  our industrial IoT solutions portfolio includes communication devices, modules, and cloud-based platforms . . . to build . . . IoT solution or realise a faster time to market with a more modular or board-level approach”.