OPPO will release a new concept phone: the first infinite screen

Since last year, folding screen mobile phones have been on the stage of history. Rouyu, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and others have successively mass-produced commercial folding screen mobile phones. Xiaomi and OPPO also displayed their own folding screen prototypes.

It is worth noting that in addition to the folding screen, OPPO showed a new screen form-infinite screen.

Today, OPPO announced that it will release a new concept phone-Infinite Screen at the OPPO Future Technology Conference on November 17.

Regarding the details of the infinite screen, OPPO officials did not disclose, a speculation is that the OPPO infinite screen form is a scroll screen.

As shown in the figure, the so-called scroll screen is to pull out another screen from the middle side similar to the standard screen, and then the two screens are almost seamlessly spliced ​​to become a tablet computer.

Compared with the folding screen, the retractable feature of the scroll screen makes it much more difficult, and it is very difficult to realize it. It can also be seen from the naming of the OPPO concept machine that it is still some distance away from mass production and commercial use.

In addition, OPPO at this technology conference may also showcase cutting-edge technologies such as 100-watt fast charging and under-screen cameras. These new technologies may be mass-produced and commercialized next year.