New combined cable and network tester for advanced cable testing

RS Components now stocks the Fluke LinkIQ Cable+Network: a new advanced cable and network tester perfect for installers and maintenance technicians.

A highly cost-effective and time-saving unit, the tester consolidates the abilities of two devices with advanced switch diagnostics and state-of-the-art cable measurement technology to give simplified network troubleshooting when building, adding to or maintaining networks.

The unit can offer users a high level of confidence to quickly troubleshoot cabling and connect PoE devices to networks – and at a price that indicates the unit can be widely deployed over enterprises.

The unit’s cable performance ability gives frequency-based measurement and offers results showing the maximum data rate the cable can support, up to 10Gbit/s. It also presents information on the cable distance and, if connected, details of the switch port, including its name, VLAN status, speed and duplex. For PoE verification, the unit will reveal the PoE class (up to Class 8) and perform a load test from the connected switch.

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As well as system integrators that move, add or change network systems and support technicians that keep the network up-and-running, the device is ideal for installers who need to assure cable validation, error-free operation and documentation, which can be readily provided by the management of reports through the LinkWare PC software.