More severe than chip monopoly, US companies almost dominate the Chinese market, and two domestically produced systems begin to counterattack

For a long time in the past, it has been difficult for China to get rid of the label of “lack of core and less soul”. The “core” refers to the chip, and the “soul” refers to the operating system.

More severe than chip monopoly, US companies almost dominate the Chinese market, and two domestically produced systems begin to counterattack

The backwardness of China’s chip industry is not necessary for the author to repeat, and readers are also well aware of it. Especially after Huawei suffered a chip crisis, more and more Chinese people are aware of the importance of chips and the dilemma of Chinese chips being monopolized by foreign capital. At present, the entire chip industry is making unremitting efforts for the localization of chips.

More severe than chip monopoly

In fact, compared with the chip as the neck and “lack of cores and souls”, China is also constrained in terms of operating systems. Even the monopoly of Chinese operating systems by foreign capital is more severe than the monopoly of chips, and US companies almost dominate the Chinese market.

Statistics show that China’s chip self-sufficiency rate is only 30% in 2020, which means that 70% of the chips needed for production in my country will depend on imports. This is enough to show that the localization of Chinese chips is indeed not high.

In terms of operating systems, China’s self-sufficiency rate is even more pitiful. In terms of computer operating systems, windows and MacOS have more than 95% market shares in China; in the field of smartphones, Google Android and Apple iOS have nearly 100% market shares in China, achieving a complete monopoly.

2 domestic systems began to counterattack

In recent years, after my country has realized the importance of chips and operating systems, relevant companies have continued to exert efforts and have achieved quite good results.

The rise of domestic giants such as SMIC and Ziguang Zhanrui has enabled my country to gradually get rid of the dilemma of being constrained in the chip industry. In terms of operating systems, two domestically-produced systems have begun to fight back, breaking the monopoly of foreign operating systems in the domestic market.

In terms of mobile phone operating system, after Huawei launched the Hongmeng system, it was recognized and affirmed by a lot of people, and successfully broke the monopoly of Google Android and Apple iOS over my country’s mobile phone operating system.

Judging from the installed capacity of the Hongmeng system, the development momentum of the Hongmeng system has been quite strong after its advent. It is reported that the current number of upgraded users of the Hongmeng system has exceeded 150 million, and it once became the fastest growing operating system in the world.

Although as a new-generation operating system, the Hongmeng system can reach the target of 300 million equipment coverage and 16% of life and death line by the end of the year due to the insufficient ecology, but one thing is certain is that the advent of Huawei Hongmeng operating system is very important for our country. It is crucial to break the foreign monopoly in the mobile phone operating system.

It is worth mentioning that while the Huawei Hongmeng system has changed China’s mobile phone operating system from being stuck by foreign investors, the domestic operating system Galaxy Kirin has also achieved the rise of domestic production in terms of computer operating system fees.

At the “2021 Operating System Industry Summit” held on October 28, Kylin Software officially released the “Galaxy Kylin V10 SP1” operating system. Compared with the Kirin V10 system released by Kirin Software, the upgraded version of the Galaxy Kirin V10 SP1 has further improvements in software integration and ecology.

First of all, the Galaxy Kylin V10 SP1 operating system promotes the integration of software. It is reported that the Galaxy Kirin V10 SP1 can ensure that users directly install and run related applications on the mobile phone on the computer. At the same time, Android applications can also be seamlessly connected.

Furthermore, the security of the Galaxy Kylin V10 SP1 system is further improved. According to Kylin Software, the Galaxy Kylin V10 SP1 system adopts the self-developed KYSEC security mechanism. With the integrated internal and external security system, the security center and file protection are further improved, and it can effectively resist malicious external attacks and Trojan viruses.

Write at the end

Whether it is the problems of the Huawei Hongmeng system or the Kirin Galaxy system, it means that my country is gradually getting rid of the monopoly of foreign capital in the domestic operating system, so that it can effectively avoid the dilemma of being stuck by foreign capital. There is no need to worry about the United States taking the opportunity to cut off the supply to affect the sustainable development of our country.