Many websites are affected by the disruption of Amazon cloud services

Amazon’s cloud service was interrupted on Wednesday, and some websites and services were affected.

AWS issued a notice stating that there was a problem with the Kinesis service that processes streaming media data, which resulted in an increase in the error rate of many websites. The downtime also affected its ability to post updates to the status page.

On Wednesday afternoon, US local time, AWS issued a notice stating: “The Kinesis Data Streams API in the Northern Virginia (US-EAST-1) region is affected. We will continue to work hard and hope that the service will be restored soon. Error rates of Kinesis and several affected services It will continue to decrease, but full recovery will take up to several hours.”

The services of some companies or institutions have been affected, such as Amazon’s smart security subsidiary Ring, Roku, software developer Autodesk, financial lending company Affirm, Target’s Shipt distribution service, the Metro website of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Agency, and Forum Publishing Group ( Tribune Publishing)’s Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun also made mistakes.

However, major AWS customers Apple, Slack, and Netflix were not affected by the downtime.