Keller shares enter the new energy business: Let clean energy empower green industry

With the proposal of my country’s “dual carbon” goal, China’s energy sector is facing a series of changes. To welcome the arrival of a new era of green and low-carbon development, Keller Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Keller shares”), how to carry the smart energy express to get rid of the pain points of the industry’s green transformation? Recently, Keller actively upgraded the company’s strategic planning, marched into the new energy field, and explored digital intelligence and carbon neutral solutions.

Facilitating the transformation of green industry Keller presses the “accelerator”

Keller Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is mainly engaged in the HVLS fan business, integrating R&D, production, and sales. For many years, it has provided green and environmentally friendly ventilation and cooling solutions for industrial enterprises, and finally successfully listed on the GEM with its strength. Since its establishment, Keller shares have insight into the company’s needs for energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, it takes root in the HVLS fan industry and continuously optimizes product performance in order to achieve energy-saving effects for the company from the end of the product use.

However, the contradiction between global energy supply and demand continues to intensify. A series of energy-saving policies introduced by my country, including power cuts in various places, have made Keller deeply aware that the current business is only a corner of the green industry practice, and it wants to truly help the company’s green transformation. To achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to speed up the entry into the new energy track and promote the optimization of the company’s industrial layout. Therefore, under multi-faceted considerations, Keller pressed the “accelerator” to promote the green development of the industry.

It is understood that Keller’s new energy business mainly focuses on the development, construction and investment of photovoltaic new energy projects, providing enterprises with the development, investment, management and construction, and smart operation and maintenance of low-carbon clean energy projects. In terms of staffing, Keller New Energy has absorbed talents from many sources, has a professional business team in the field of new energy, has a round-the-clock operation and maintenance service mechanism, flexible project deployment, and realizes online control of the entire EPC process.

In-depth implementation of the low-carbon concept in internal coordinated development

Although Keller is a new force in the field of new energy, it is a veteran of the industrial market. Relying on its keen sense of market development needs for more than 10 years and the advantages of sinking development, it anchors energy-saving goals, promotes the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body, and provides all kinds of sustainable development and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement that enterprises urgently need. s solution.

The main target groups of the new photovoltaic energy business based on Keller are mostly industrial customers, which highly overlap with HVLS fan customers, which greatly facilitates the efficient use of its own resources by Keller, and also provides favorable conditions for the diversified development of the company’s industry. . At the same time, Keller shares will also re-adjust its positioning, combined with the label of “green industrial overall solution provider”, based on HVLS fans, take the lead in deploying photovoltaic power station investment and operation business, and drive smart energy services, smart operation and maintenance Such coordinated industrial development will create new business and profit growth points for the company’s future development, further improve the company’s overall profitability, and maximize shareholder value.

Green and sustainable development is the only way for enterprises, and smart energy is also a solid driving force on this road. The road is long and difficult, and Keller will fulfill its mission on this road to enable clean energy to empower green industry!

Lu Xiaobo, chairman of Keller, said that the deployment of new energy business is the first step of Keller’s business expansion after it has entered the capital market. In the future, Keller will also make more attempts in the field of smart energy.