Inductors offer excellent features in the smallest space

With innovative developments in its internal design, the newest model of WE-HCF-SMT high-current inductors from Würth Elektronik establishes new standards in its class. WE-HCF in the 2010 design provides significantly better characteristics than previous inductors in this size: inductance values up to 2μH and saturation currents up to 25% higher than similar devices in the market.

The magnetically shielded flat wire coil with MnZn core impresses with the low resistance of 0.84mOhm and low core losses. The recommended three-pin contacting assures mechanical stability of the device, which is intended for an operating temperature of -40C to +125C. Possible applications comprise POL regulators for FPGA, ASIC and GPU, high-efficiency DC-DC converters, high-current switching power supplies, forward converters, half-bridge and full-bridge converters, as well as battery chargers and solar inverters.