Fujitsu upgrades COLMINA tools

Fujitsu upgrades COLMINA tools

The latest version offers enhanced functions, including a feature that allows users to create a 3D bill of process (3D-BOP) (2) that links 3D data to production process information for production preparation activities such as manufacturing prototyping and process planning.

Specifically, the new version includes an improved function for visualizing machine layout and work procedures in a process block diagram in an easy-to-understand manner illustrated with graphics and image inserts, as well as an enhanced function to centralize work data for parts with common specifications in manufacturing lines that handle products with multiple specifications.

This makes it possible to quickly create a 3D-BOP that can reduce manufacturing errors and the need to redo common tasks.

With this tool, Fujitsu can bring the real world of manufacturing closer to the digital world, helping to deliver products to market faster and improve overall productivity and quality.

Fujitsu’s VPS offering will accelerate digital transformation in the manufacturing space by linking digital data from design to manufacturing sites and supports working styles at manufacturing sites for the “new normal,” streamlining work processes and promoting the ability to manage operations remotely.