Fuji 6MBI225U-120A-05

Fuji 6MBI225U-120A-05

#6MBI225U-120A-05 Fuji 6MBI225U-120A-05 New IGBT Module U-Series 1200V / 225A 6 in one-package , 6MBI225U-120A-05 pictures, 6MBI225U-120A-05 price, #6MBI225U-120A-05 supplier
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· High speed switching
· voltage drive
· Low inductance module structure
· Inverter for Motor drive
· AC and DC Servo drive amplifier
Uninterruptible power supply · Industrial machines, such as Welding machines

IGBT module U-Series 1200V / 225A 6 in one-package

Shunlongwei Inspected Every 6MBI225U-120A-05 Before Ship, All 6MBI225U-120A-05 with 6 months warranty.