EtherCAT modules speed up the development of machine automation

Adlink Technology Inc. has introduced two new modules in the 6-CH EU Series: the ECAT-4XMO motion control and trigger module, and the ECAT-TRG4 trigger module. Extending Adlink’s EtherCAT System, these modules help speed up the development and deployment of machine automation and industrial automation applications. These include cell phone glass inspection, battery cell assembly, camera lens assembly, and test and glue dispensing machinery, as well as inspection equipment.

The ECAT-4XMO motion control and trigger module is a 4-channel control and high-speed trigger module that connects to both EtherCAT and non-EtherCAT motors, including stepper motors, linear motors, direct drive and AC. Advanced functions include high precision motion interpolation, continuous contouring, axes synchronization, point table for circuit limit and 2D compensation.

The ECAT-TRG4 includes high speed position comparison trigger (4 channels, 10 MHz linear/table), pulse outputs (12 MHz), encode inputs (20 MHz), and support for encoder re-driver operation. The expansion interface enables easy connection to cameras and air guns.

Also available is all-in-one automation software (APS SDK), which offers a standard interface to access all Adlink machine automation products and minimizes the reprogramming of adding or removing devices. The APS Function Library  allows existing motion control users to upgrade to EtherCAT-based solutions without complicated program modifications or application redevelopment, said Adlink.

The modules feature sliding side-by-side installation and screwless design, which reduces installation costs, and supports nearly all field applications in a smart factory. In test applications, the EtherCAT system delivered total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of up to 10% and up to 30% increases in productivity, said Adlink.

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