Connection system provides easy connection and removes custom tooling

Available now from TTI Europe is the Molex stAK50h Connection System. Expanding vehicle functionality requirements are increasing terminal demands for devices and modules. Customers require custom-tooling to maintain design flexibility. The stackable nature of the system provides easy connection and removes custom tooling.

Multiple terminal strategies and designs in the transport industry add complexity to the end design of the connector interface, which may lead to mismating and faulty connections. The system’s headers and receptacles are colour-matched to facilitate quick identification and simple assembly. A CPA ensures proper connector mating.

Customers obtain different circuit connectors for different automotive applications from different sources. This makes the method complex and can cause matching or mating issues. The system offering ranges from 12 to 56-circuit receptacles which can be employed in applications from low-current-signal (5A) to high-power applications (30A).

Typical application areas include automotive comfort, DAS/convenience, in-vehicle network, infotainment systems, safety/chassis, and commercial vehicle body electronic modules, and interior electronic modules.