2021 will accelerate the development of smart transportation, continue to improve autonomous driving technology, etc.

Financial Associated Press reported on December 24 that the 2021 National Transportation Work Conference was held in Beijing on the 24th. In 2021, the transportation industry will accelerate the development of smart transportation and vigorously develop green transportation. Promote the pilot projects of new infrastructure construction such as smart highways, smart ports, smart waterways, and smart hubs, and promote demonstration applications such as smart railways, smart civil aviation, and smart postal services. Accelerate the in-depth integration of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence with transportation, and deepen the industrial application of the Beidou system. Continue to improve the autonomous driving technology and testing system, and organize pilot application demonstrations such as autonomous driving and smart shipping. Deepen the construction of a global shipping service network based on blockchain. Implement the “smooth travel project” for imported e-commerce goods.